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Experience the purest, high-quality drinking water right from your home's faucet with our Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems.

Our customizable systems can be integrated into multiple sinks, ice makers, and refrigerator water dispensers in your home. For added convenience, we offer instant hot water systems perfect for making soups and teas without the wait time of traditional stovetop boiling.

We also offer a range of filter options to enhance your water quality even further. Our Alkaline Mineral filters elevate the pH level of your water up to 10.0 through the addition of calcium carbonate.

If you're concerned about bacteria or viruses, our filters are designed to eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, making it ideal for non-chlorinated water sources such as well water.

Our Reverse Osmosis systems can be installed discreetly under cabinets or directly below in the basement, according to the client's preference.

These systems are highly efficient at removing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), filtering out up to 99% of contaminants including pesticides, chlorine, asbestos, herbicides, lead, radium, and so much more.

The result is the best quality drinking water with minimal TDS.

In addition to residential solutions, we specialize in commercial drinking water systems for offices, restaurants, cafes, diners and more!

Portable options are also available for those on the go. Don't forget to inquire about our other water conditioning systems, such as whole house filtration and shower filters.

  • Leading RO Drinking Water System preferred by Doctors

  • Top Tier Ultra Pure Drinking Water System

  • WQA Std 58 Gold Seal Certified

  • Premium Filters Made in US

  • 100% Lead Free



Choose a Pro Water Solution RO Drinking Water System

preferred by doctors, a top-tier solution for ultra-pure drinking water!!


Do you want it Stationary or Portable?

Stationary Unit

Residential RO Drinking Water
Under-mount System

Under-the-cabinet Design. Filters up to 99% TDS in municipal/well water.

Works with City municipal water supply. If on a well system, functional filtered water softener system is recommended

- Recommended for Residential use only. CLICK → CONTACT US for Commercial Applications.

- Can be used for mulit-family home or small kitchen, may require larger storage tank

INCLUDED: Refrigerator Water/Ice Connection

  • Filter Change Annually (recommended)

  • 6 Stage Filtration Unit

  • 90 Gallon/Day - High Flow System

  • Alkaline Filter

  • Installation: Under-counter, garage or basement

Portable Unit

Residential RO
Countertop System

Counter Top Design - Best Travel Companion for Condos, Apartments, Travel, RV's & more...And 12 LBS. Easy For Transport

Works with City municipal water supply. If on a well system, functional filtered water softener system is Recommended.

Filters up to 99% TDS in municipal/well water. Fits standard faucets only, /8MTF, 13/16MTF, & 15/16MTF. Increases pH in water to levels up to 10.0 by adding calcium carbonate. Does not fit pull-out, special size designer & spray faucets

  • Filter Change Annually (recommended)

  • 4 Stage Filtration Unit

  • 90 Gallon/Day - High Flow System

  • Alkaline Filter

  • Installation: Not Required - Counter top units are designed for apartments, travel, RV's, etc

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Instant Hot Water - Bundle Package

Under-sink mount System

Stationary Unit, mounts neatly under sink. 2/3 Gal. stainless steel tank. Air Switch - Push Button Garbage Disposal Dual Outlet Sink-Top Kit in Satin Nickel for Disposal & Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • Provides 60 cups/ hour of 200 near-boiling water

  • Easy-to-adjust temperature control (adjustable from 160 - 210°F)

  • 115-Volt, 750-Watt, 6.25 Amp

  • Hot / Cold Sink Top Satin Nickel Faucet Included

  • Installation: Under-counter

Hot/Cold Pot Filler Designer Faucet

Wall-mount System

Hot and Cold Water Faucet - Wall-Mounted Pot Filler allows RO water dispensing w/o a sink directly below. Great for large container fills or where access to sink is not available.

For use with Instant Hot and RO drinking water systems. Durable finish, easy to clean and has a ceramic disk cartridge to ensure drip-free usage. Features a limited lifetime warranty to ensure years of trouble free usage.

Refrigerator Water/Ice Option

Connects existing refrigerator's water/Ice Maker to RO Unit, creating clean, filtered water and ice at your refrigerator's dispenser**

*Installation, Labor, Material & Tax Included
**Additional Installation fees may apply


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